JANUARY, 5th 2015

[EN] 2015 was a great year to build a new path in my musical career and think about the future… The last year, I had the pleasure to sing for many talented musicians, coming from different horizons. And I love it so much ! As I love travelling, I love sing on musics that sounds different to my ears : things are made of meet, of cultural exchanges, of new ideas and new explored paths. I love being out of my comfort zone. This year, I recorded for a trip-hop artist, an african rapper, for some movies soundtrack made by Nicolas Jeudy, etc. I was invited to sing at the International Jazz Festival in Turin with the great flutist, Dino Pelissero and I performed a blues song at the famous venue, La Cigale in Paris. I also started a new metal project which should be out in 2016. 2015 was great and 2016 should be better, I hope. Anyway, I know now where I’m going. I won’t have one path but a few. I believe now that nothing is impossible. We are our own limits. I’m now focused on the future, looking for more professionnal projects ! By the way, I’d thank you all for supporting me through the social networks. Your help is really highly appreciated and I’d  ever forget this… The show is going on !