The Experiment no.Q - Right After The Experiment no.Q - 2016

The Experiment no. Q – Right After The Experiment no. Q- 2016


This is the launching protocol to enter the machine. I’m the Q device. Respect the new life, this is a new order, the new system of your brain. You’ve no right to live your life without the gears. This is number one this is the first rule. I’m the Q device, I am the supreme fire! You’ve no right to dream! You are a new machine- This is the second rule of this alchemical rebirth. The wonders of perfect machine!

Directed by Paolo Vallerga
Starring: Nalle Påhlsson, Mattia Garimanno, Andrea Palazzo, Paolo Vallerga, Oxy Hart, Kevin Zwierzchaczewski, Massimo Bozza, Marco Signore.

Artwork by Scribabs – Torino
Camera: Andrea Endryus Pensalfine

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