The New Experiment no.Q is coming !




The Experiment No.Q is a music project written and directed by Paolo Vallerga (No.Q). An Experiment with different professional musicians from all parts of the world, with different styles, different music background and personality. The Experiment No.Q is a complicate attempt to mix different creative worlds; an alchemical experiment with musicians who share experience and emotions, working together. Without this the songs would have been “without soul”… and nothing could happens!

A new chapter of The Experiment no. Q begins !! I’m very proud of being part of this new album, among all the amazing musicians below ! Mind the release date, on 10th April, 2016. Many things are coming, keep on touch !

[FR] Nous y sommes ! Un nouveau chapitre de The Experiment no. Q s’ouvre enfin avec l’arrivée imminente du tout nouvel album, à paraître le 10 avril. Je suis fière d’y avoir participé au côté d’une pléiade de talentueux musiciens ! D’autres surprises arrivent !

Featuring :

Vocals:  Nalle Påhlsson (Sweden); Oxy Hart (France); Fabio Privitera (Italy); Kevin Zwierzchaczewski (Australia); David Sugerman (USA); Thomas Vikström (Sweden). Guitars: Andrea Palazzo (Italia), Jacopo Garimanno (Italia); Bass: Nalle Påhlsson (Sweden) and Massimo Bozza (Italy); Keyboards: Marco Signore (Italia) and Paolo Gambino (Italia); Drums: Mattia Garimanno (Italy) and Andrea Falaschi (Italy); Traverse Flute and Kalimba: Dino Eldrisio Pelissero. Word, Music and wandering spirit among all musical instruments: Paolo Vallerga (No.Q).