3d The Experiment n°Q’s album is out!

The Experiment no.Q – The Black Wounds of The Experiment no.Q – 2019

The Third chapter of the Experiment no.Q Saga is out on June 2019
An industrial opera settled in a steampunk world.

As usual in the Experiment no.Q project a lot of friends as special guests are involved in the new album!
Snowy Shaw, Thomas Vikström, Kristian Niemann, Stefan Bergstrom, Ellinor Asp and more…

N°Q Family:

Nalle Påhlsson: Bass and Vocals
Kevin Zwierzchaczewski: Vocals
Oxy Hart:  Vocals
Mattia Garimanno: Drums
Davide Cristofoli: Keyboards
Andrea Palazzo: Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Jacopo Garimanno:  Guitar
Paolo Vallerga: Steampunk Guitar